Cerone O & R Improvements/Cerone Complex Improvements


San Jose, CA


Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority


STV Incorporated

Scope of Work:

Arntz projects with the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority consisted of two contracts at the Cerone complex: The Operating Maintenance Improvements for Articulated Buses and the Cerone Phase I Improvements. Both projects consisted of on and offsite improvements to the existing Cerone maintenance complex. New buildings and additions were framed with structural steel and finished with metal studs, insulating metal exterior panels, metal roofing and aluminum storefront. Interior finishes varied from office offices to shop areas and incorporated complex mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems designed to improve the facility’s ability to maintain, rebuild, repair, wash, refuel and paint buses of all sizes. The particular difficulties of this project included the incorporation of specialized heavy equipment and systems into new and existing facilities within a complex operating 24 hours a day. The Operating Maintenance Improvement contract consisted of two 10,000 square foot additions to the existing facility and improvements to existing shop areas. The additions were designed to accommodate new, longer articulated busses. The additions included many structural elements designed to accommodate the hoisting, lifting and anchoring of both equipment installation daily operation. The Phase I Improvement project consisted of three new buildings and site and off-site improvements. The 5,500 s.f. Road Call Building consisted of a guard station, fare vault, locker room, and employee dining and lounge facilities. The 5,800 s.f. Operating Maintenance Building incorporated all the complex functions and systems of the existing facility into one building designed to service hydrogen fueled buses specifically. This made difficult construction even harder in that all systems within the building had to be explosion proof due to the volatility of hydrogen gas. The 4,700 s.f. Bus Wash facility included multiple wash systems designed for all VTA busses and included water treatment and recycling systems.