Peralta Oaks Seismic & Tenant Improvements

Jobsite Address:


2901 Peralta Oaks Court,

Alameda, CA 94605


County of Alameda


Shah Kawasaki Architects


$21.9 Million


Scope of work included seismic and tenant improvement of approx. 50,000 sf, three story concrete framed structure with post tensioned concrete slab decks. Extensive seismic improvements including rock anchors combined with collector beams, structural steel columns/beams and BRBs. Tenants include Alameda County Sheriff’s Office Crime Lab, Alameda County Public Health Lab, and Alameda County Sheriff’s Coroner’s Bureau.

Tenant improvements consisted of the following:

–   Coroners: Walk in Body Coolers/Freezers, Autopsy Stations, viewing platforms and locker rooms. Finishes included Stryker Autopsy lights, poured terrazzo flooring and sanitary epoxy wall finish.

–   Sheriff’s Crime Lab: Bullet Resistant Room for Projectile Recovery Tank, sliding gun storage lockers, evidence storage, crime lab exam rooms, RF Shielded rooms, locker rooms and office space.

–  Public Health Lab: Complete BSL3 Lab Space, Steam Sterilizers, ultra high purity gas lines, articulating exhaust snorkels, sanitary epoxy wall finishes and office space.

–  Achieved LEED SILVER

Project Contacts:

Superintendent: Steve Kubik

Mobile: (415) 726-4439

Project Manager: Kyle French

Mobile: (415) 717-4351

Safety Officer: Bob Arntz