Ronald M. George State Office Complex


Jobsite Address:

455 Golden Gate Avenue & 350 McAllister Street, San Francisco, CA 94102


Department of General Services


Department of General Services, Professional Services Branch


$3.6 Million


The Access Barrier Removal Project at the Ronald M. George Office Complex was limited to and included only the removal of architectural barriers related to the path of travel in common areas within the complex (buildings and site). The following items were identified as non-compliant with the 2013 CBC or the 2010 Americans with Disabilities Standards: accessible parking, passenger loading zones, exterior on site sloping walks, entrance door landings, door operating force, door hardware, door clearances, drinking fountains, restroom clearances, accessory mounting heights, protruding objects, lavatory heights, pipe protection, shower and locker rooms, and signage. Scope of work brought these areas into compliance.

Project Contacts:

Project Manager: Kyle French

Office: (707) 835-2900