Company: safety

Protecting the health and safety of employees and the public is our first consideration, as well as the conservation and protection of property and the environment, in the conduct of all work.

It is our absolute conviction that:

  • This is the moral and legal responsibility of all employees.
  • Safe and healthful work is more efficient, effective, and an integral part of sound construction practices.
  • Accidents, injuries, and damage to the environment are unnecessary costs.

We accomplish accident and injury free work by providing visible, vigorous leadership throughout the project; through sound management and supervision of work operations and personnel; and by communicating essential knowledge concerning hazards and how to eliminate or control them.

It is also essential that all project participants conduct their work in compliance with safe and healthful work practice requirements.  These are provided in our project safety requirements, training and instruction such as in new hire orientations, in routine safety meetings, and through the direction of supervision.  How well work is conducted in a hazard free manner, according to direction provided, is a key factor in our performance for which we are each accountable.