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Project name Project Type Year
Moffitt Hospital Fire Protection Renovation 1977
Supply Support Facility, Moffett Field New Construction 1977
Magnetic Fusion Energy Computer Center, Lawerence Livermore Laboratory New Construction 1978
Biomedical & Environmental Research Exposure Facility, Lawerence Livermore Laboratory New Construction 1978
Municipal Services Building Renovation 1979
Dust Removal & Means of Egress, Naval Supply Center Renovation 1980
Fairchild Semi-Conductor Plant Expansion New Construction 1980
Joint Surveillance System, Corps of Engineers Renovation 1981
Posey Tube, Dept. of Transportation Renovation 1981
Fort Point Station Rehabilitation, U.S. Coast Guard Renovation 1981
Rehabilitation of Buildings 102 &105, Presidio San Francisco Renovation 1982
Triangle Court Family Housing, Housing Authority New Construction 1983
Gallo Neurology Research Lab., San Francisco General Hospital Renovation 1983
Toll Collection Facilities, Dumbarton Bridge New Construction 1983
Wholesite Repairs East Housing 590, Department of the Navy Renovation 1983
E.M. Barracks, Treasure Island Dept. of Navy Renovation 1984
Conversion of Building 102, Corps of Engineers, Presidio San Francisco Renovation 1985
Fire, Life Safety & Environmental Improvements Bldg. 254-6 And 7, State Hospital Renovation 1985
Base Hazardous Storage, Travis Air Force Base New Construction 1986
Steam Line Repair, Dept, of the Navy, Treasure Island Renovation 1986
Oakland Army Base New Construction 1986
Structural Repairs, Building #1,Oakland Army Base Renovation 1986
Structural Repairs, PE Complex, Marin Community College Renovation 1986
Demolition & Alterations, U.S. Court of Appeals Renovation 1987
Expansion & Alteration Army Corps of Engineers Renovation and New Construction 1987
Repairs to BOQ, Bldg.369, Treasure Island Renovation 1987
Terminal I Passenger Complex Building, Oakland Airport New Construction 1988
1000 So. Eliseo Drive Medical Building Renovation 1988
Forensic Science Facility New Construction 1989
Consolidated Mess Naval Security Group Activity New Construction 1989
Cocktail Lounge/Retail Facility, Oakland International Airport Renovation 1989
UAL Station Control Center Renovation 1990
Roof & Siding Wind Tunnel, NASA, Moffett Field Renovation 1990
San Rafael Transportation Center New Construction 1990
Elevator Shaft Wall Enclosure, 135 Van Ness Avenue Renovation 1990
Office Space Improvements, CCC Sanitary District Renovation 1991
Retail Facility Remodel, Concession Air Corporation, Oakland International Airport Renovation 1991
U.S. Appraisers Building Renovation 1991
Building M101 Expansion, 4th Baggage Claim System, Oakland International Airport Renovation 1992
Seismic Upgrade & Structural Repair to Building 10, Alameda Naval Air Station Renovation 1992
Maintenance Station & Equipment Sub Shop New Construction 1992
Renovate Passenger Terminal, Travis Air Force Base Renovation 1992
Child Development Center, Travis Air Force Base New Construction 1993
Power Systems Building, Oakland Air Traffic Control Tower Renovation 1994
County of Santa Clara, West Wing Renovation Renovation 1996
County of Santa Clara, East Valley Health Complex New Construction 1996
San Pablo Facility, University of CA Seismic Corrections 1998
Family Resource Center Renovation 1998
Central Parking Structure Seismic Retrofit & Expansion 1999
Convention Center Parking Garage Modifications Renovation 1999
Laboratory Improvements, Central Contra Costa Sanitary District New Construction 2000
4th Floor Asbestos Abatement at DMV Headquarters Renovation 2000
Third Floor Tenant Improvements, Berger Drive Complex Renovation 2000
USDA Modernization Research & Development Facility Modernization 2001
Fremont City Hall 3300 Capitol Avenue & 39100 Liberty Street Remodel Remodel 2001
East Bay Municipal Utility District Administration Building Seismic Safety Improvements Seismic Retrofit 2003
War Memorial Community Center New Construction 2004
MetroBase Fueling & Servicing Facility New Construction 2006
Caltrans District 4 Headquarters Building Seismic Retrofit, Oakland Seismic Retrofit 2007
San Rafael Bus Wash Rack Replacement, San Rafael New Construction 2010
Rush Landing Transit Center Improvements
Santa Rosa Roof Replacement at Sam Jones Hall, Water Pump Station 4 and 13 – Design Build
UA Local 343 Pension Trust Fund Training Center
Yountville Barrier Removal
City of Hayward Fire Stations 1-5
Ronald M. George State Office Complex Modernization 2015
Mendocino Transit Authority Bus maintenance Facility New Construction 2012
Peralta Oaks Seismic & Tenant Improvements Modernization 2015
San Rafael Bus Facility Rack Replacement Renovation 2012
Cerone O & R Improvements/Cerone Complex Improvements New Construction 2002
Central Contra Costa Sanitary District Laboratory Improvements Renovation 1991
Travis Air Force Base Shopping Center Renovation 1992