Lowell High School Voluntary Seismic Strengthening

Jobsite Address:1401 Lowell High School Pre-construction Temp access Road (19)

1101 Eucalyptus Drive, San Francisco, CA 94132


San Francisco Unified School District


Gelfand Partners Architects


$5.5 Million


The project scope includes, but is not limited to, seismic strengthening, minor remodeling, replacement of floor finishes, demolition & reconstruction of walls/floors/ceilings/ doors/cabinets/roofing, demolition & reconstruction of mechanical and electrical systems to Building Units 4 and 5, landscaping adjacent to Unit 5, installation and utility hookup for seven (7) interim housing units and hazardous material abatement.

Project Contacts:

Superintendent: Frank Proteau

Mobile: (415) 717-7405

Project Manager: Kyle French

Mobile: (415) 717-4351