Jobsite Address:

5750 College Ave., Oakland, CA 94618


Oakland Unified School District


$15.9 Million


 A new one-story Type V-B construction steel frame building. Program consists of a cafeteria, kitchen, stage platform, and associated support storage rooms. The project will be California High Performance School (CHPS) Designed. The building will be fully sprinklered. Renovation scope to the existing classroom Building A consists of removal and replacement of existing folding walls with permanent walls, reconfiguration of existing restrooms into a new unisex accessible restroom, reconfiguration of an existing interior ramp to make it accessible, and minor restroom upgrades. Scope includes a campus wide replacement of the existing intrusion alarm (contractor must be BOSCH certified). Site work improvements include new fencing, storm water management site work, regrading, covered pedestrian walkway, stairs, ramps, game line restriping, pavement associated with the new building.

Anticipated Completion Date:

September 2023