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Stanley Mosk Library & Courts Building Renovation

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This Historic 1928, 5 story Supreme Court and State library sits across form the State Capitol in downtown Sacramento. The project included repair to exterior granite, terra cotta blocks and replacement of the historic windows. The interior was upgraded on all the Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing with a state of the art mist system for the fire sprinkler.

Berkeley Central Library Expansion

By |2011-05-09T18:22:58+00:00December 14th, 2010|Courts & Libraries|

Renovation and preservation of historical building including demolition of approximately half of a five (5) story building, approximately 22,000 SF and a five (5) story poured in place concrete addition to the building of approximate 62,000 SF.

State Library and Courts Building

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This project had many challenging aspects. It was a renovation of one of the State’s most historic buildings (located adjacent to the State Capitol Building), which required demolishing the core of the structure and installing six new metal deck and concrete floors and seismic strengthening of the existing structure to support them.

Foster City Library/Community Center

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New construction of a structural steel and concrete library/community center building. This project was a very unusual job in that the exterior of the building consisted of concrete tilt-up panels that were 20% out of plumb by design.

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